About Us

Mr. Fuzz's Fiery Foods is a Minneapolis based small-batch fiery foods company featuring hot pepper sauces and other fiery foods.

The vision is simple: Capture the fruit of the hot pepper without extinguishing its fire, leaving just enough heat to ignite the senses without burning out the palate.

Pure Pepper Essence        Fire for the sake of Flavor       #LiveHot 

Mr. Fuzz seeks to ignite your senses so you can experience the world with the intensity that it deserves. He seeks to accomplish this through 3 distinct pathways: 

  1. Through your palate with fiery foods including sauces and spicy seasonings
  2. Through your ears with the magic of music
  3. Through your imagination with wild words including poetry and more

Sauces       Spicy Seasonings       Musical Magic           Wild Words